Hector and Betty’s marriage is on the rocks. To make matters worse, it’s lasagne for dinner – again.

Format: Short film

Genre: Comedy Fantasy

Length: 13′

Status: Completed, release date tbc

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Director of Photography: Lorenzo Levrini

Production Designer: Andy Luck

Associate Producers: Andy Luck, Stuart Budds, Paul Fleckney

Costume Designer: Molly Langford

Script Editor: Alex Mead

Choreographer: Leanne Pinder

First AD: Jonny Dry

Poster and Title design: Andy Nicholaou

Colourist: Jonny Tully

Storyboard Artist: Wayne Lowden

Steadicam: Dougal Wallace

Script Supervisors: Matt Steen, Helena Jung

Location Designers: Rufus & Molly



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